Ever since I can remember, I have dreamt of taking pictures. Born and raised in the Soviet Union, my dream came true one day when my father gave me a brand new Zenith camera for my birthday. I consider this my first step into the real world of photography. Over the course of my life, I have changed cameras, moved places, and met new people, but I still strongly believe that every moment captured on film stays unforgettable. 

Nowadays, wherever I go, my camera is always with me. I love travelling and sightseeing. I love people watching and participate in different events. I also love hiking and observing nature. Every picture is a learning process and an opportunity to see a different angle of the world around me.

I currently reside with my family in the capitol of beautiful British Columbia. Here, I have a chance to practice landscape, event and family photography, while exploring still life and portrait photography, as well as other types of photography both for commercial and art purposes. My works can be found on the website of the Victoria Camera Club, Adobe Stock photos, Pexels, Pixabay, as well as many other places. I also have tried to contribute to the local community as a photographer by volunteering for Victoria Film Festival and leading photography classes at Brookes Westshore School. 

My goal is to make every client happy during each photography session, as well as to see how the customer’s eyes ignite after they see the results. Everything is possible with a vision in mind and the goal of showing the best in each person.